For every task in today’s world, Social Media plays a vital role. Your consumers are rapidly changing and with that changes their taste. How do you come across such rapid changes while sitting at your home or office? That’s where Twitics brings you, across your market segment, insights and lets you understand your customers as closely as ever.


Use Twitics’ cutting-edge technology for your clients and stand ahead of competition. Create reports for your clients in minutes and impress them to win more deals. You can run multiple Twitics Campaigns for several clients so you can chill while Twitics does the hard work.

Public Figure

Celebrity, Politician or Influencer, if you fans, you have criticizers too. Keep your ears open and get alerts before going Viral on Twitter. It’s an “intolerant” world and who likes bad publicity, after all? 😉


Twitics has been designed in a way that Govt. can take maximum advantage. Automation and Realtime Analytics come in handy to spread awareness about policies and programs. Twitics can be used to engage audience via Social Participation.

Aviation & Hospitality

We know your brand matters a lot. And when it comes to tough industries like Aviation & Hospitality, a single Tweet can cause major blunders. Analyze your customers to understand their demographies and what they are saying about your brand.


News breaks on Twitter much before you air it or publish it. Take advantage of the fact and create just the news that your viewers are most interested in. Generate content that can go viral and do wonders. Twitics can also be used for extensive market research.

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