Social media has become a vital part of our lives these days. It has become a place where people speak their mind out, from their favourite restaurant to the mobile phone they use, people review everything on Social Media. Social Media, in a way serves as an instant feedback platform.

Consumers rate and review brands and share their experiences with other people through social medias like twitter and facebook. But these significant feedbacks usually go wasted as these are written normally by the commoners and don’t
always reach the brand managers. Social media is a real big plot where large number of people write and it is practically unfeasible to gather all the consumers manually who are talking about your brand and make a graph of it.

This is where you aspire to have a tool which could do that for you and make it all better. We understand your need to have a consumer analytical tool and that is what we bring to you.

Twitics is a social media analytical tool. It keeps a close look on social media websites like twitter and facebook. It records and analyses every tweet and every post or comment that happens containing your brand’s name as well as your competitors’. This tool will make you aware of all the things you need to know about your brand, your competitor and your customer. You can understand what people are talking about, where are they from and what do they do. You can also know where your customers live, what do they do, what time they are most active, what other customers are saying about them and you can even reply to their feedbacks super instantly.

Twitics scrutinises all the comments and reviews by the people and creates beautiful looking reports and graphs. All the reviews, comments and valuable feedbacks of your customers can be in your hand with just one tool. All you need to do is sign up and get all of it for FREE!

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