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With 2 Social Media channels, multiple modes of operation, instant reports, and historic data since 2006, Twitics is one of the most advanced Social Media Intelligence and Analytics tools available. Twitics isn’t just about Social Media Analytics, it is about the consumers who are talking about you.
Try Twitics today and see how it can change the way you do your marketing.

Unparalleled Performance


Ultra Fast Reporting

With, Twitics you can create Social Media Reports for your own brand or your clients in just minutes, not days. We are the most advanced and fastest Social Media Analytics tool present. Twitics is the most advanced Social Media Analytics platform you will find.


Global Solution

Understand demographies with Twitics. Know the people who are talking about you, your brand or your competition instantly. With full integration for Twitter and Facebook, you can understand who are your consumers, where they live, what they do, and much more on the basis of their natural language.

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Get the right data instantly!

Understand consumers as they express something on Social Media. Twitics uses advanced techniques to analyse every tweet or comment that contains the keyword you’re looking for. It doesn’t miss a single activity and analyses it even before it appears online.

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