As I always say, It’s 2016. People use the Internet for almost everything, from getting into fights over cat-videos with random people to earn their daily bread. And if you’re reading this, you probably are a part of the latter group.

When you start an offline business, the first thing you do is look for a place that is in the heart of the city or the most posh market that you can afford because that’s where most of the customers reach. Things are different when you start an online business. There’s no need for you to look for the most expensive place and spend a shitload of money, your e-store is as easily accessible as Amazon.

But hey, here’s the twist! The offline market is a local market, your customer has no choice but the crowded market because that’s where they will find what they are looking for. The Internet, on the other hand, is a Global Market. Your customer have more choices than you can even think. And the choices are growing at an insane speed.

So how do you get those customers to your website? You have two easy options:

1: Take a loudspeaker and go to the local crowded market. That will definitely make you popular, mark my words. But this choice has a few limitations like it wastes a lot of energy, people will probably hear and remember you (LOL) but they will probably not even remember the name of your website by the time they get home, you will be able to cover only a part of the crowd that was present there at that very moment while you were advertising.

2: Use a channel like Social Media where people spend most of their time these days. At the convenience of your home, and the convenience of your customers’ time, you can reach people from around the globe and they will One Hundred Percent remember the name of your website because it’s present there as a hyperlink.

If you plan to choose the second option, you do need Social Media Analytics.

When you have your place of business in the middle of the city, you will have to deal with customers who you don’t know and you probably will never see them again. But if you’re advertising (or just posting regularly) on Social Media, you have the power to know your customers and make things better for them so they do come again. Also, Social Media Analytics will provide you instant feedback so you know what your customers are saying about you and your competition. You can understand how you stand ahead, or lag behind with your competitors.

Twitics to the rescue!

With Twitics, you can understand where your competitors live, what do they do, what languages do they know, which devices do they have, their sentiments, the time they are most active at, their gender, how influential they are, their psychological traits, what are they most interested in, their age, and you can even reply to their feedbacks super instantly.

Twitics keeps a close look on Facebook and Twitter and records every tweet and comment that happens containing your brand’s name or any topic of your choice and creates beautiful looking reports instantly. Take a demo today and understand how we do it.

But Twitics is expensive!
Yes it is! But understand this: With Twitics you can understand about 1 Million customers (including customers of your competitors) in about 800USD. If you go with the conventional approach, can you even get 1 Million Feedback forms printed at this cost? and if somehow you get the forms printed, think about reaching your customers and asking them to fill those forms for you and then getting them converted into Digital means. You can’t, you simply cannot. In fact, you can’t even get feedback of your own customers, leave aside your competitors, at this cost. So ask yourself again, is Twitics expensive?

Read our FAQs Section to understand more about it.


We have transformed Twitics from being a Social Media Analytics tool to be a Customer Insights Platform. And on our journey of this transformation we realised how important Social Media Analytics are for any business, be it big, small or just a Facebook Page, So we are making Twitics Free!

Yes, you read that right and you can even pinch yourself to assure.

We introduce to you Twitics Social. With Twitics Social, you can get Social Media Analytics of your Facebook Page and Twitter Account in a single dashboard with all the Twitics Superpowers. All you need to do is Sign Up, Login and Connect with your Facebook and Twitter Account. You can add upto 2 Facebook Pages and 2 Twitter Accounts in one dashboard.

Twitics Social will provide you the same beautiful reports, the flexibility to export reports and the dashboard that our enterprise customers get.

Sign up today and explore yourself what Twitics can do for you.