We have seen many Twitter Analytics tools that claim to know everything Twitter has but sadly they tell only half part of the story. These Twitter Analytics tool will analyze your profile and tell you how many followers you have or had in a specific time. Dude, we already know that!

We came up with the idea of creating a Social Media Analytics tool with a difference. An analytics tool that is intelligent enough to understand what people are saying about you, your brand or a topic. With Twitics, you can actually do that. Yes, you can actually write a keyword and Twitics analyzes every Tweet that contains the keyword. It works like a charm when mixed with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing capabilities to display actionable insights.

Twitics has four modes of operation:
* Realtime Mode: Scans Twitter and analyzes tweets that contain a specific keyword. Twitics literally gets a tweet as soon as it’s posted on Twitter.
* Historic Mode: Twitics can get Tweets that were posted in a certain period along with other useful profile information.
* People Insights: People Insights tool uncovers Personality Insights of users who are speaking about you/your brand. It mixes user’s Timeline + Natural Language Processing to show psychological traits and behavior patterns of users.
* Triggers: Triggers are used to automate Social Media and increase Social Media Engagement.

You can read more about Twitics on the official website: http://twitics.co